Why we do Analytics better

  • We combine extensive knowledge of analytics techniques with wide practical business experience in strategic marketing and finance in medium to large organisations across many business areas
  • We understand how markets differ and how analytics should be applied differently
  • We understand the importance of long-term effects and brand building and how to differentiate this from short-term immediate effects. This is particularly important for correctly assessing effectiveness of different media (e.g. TV in combination with/vs website) & optimum pricing strategies
  • Getting analytics used and embedded in organisations is as essential as carrying out analyses  - workshops to understand how to use analyses and building tools to make them readily available are an important part of our offering

Techniques & tools we use

  • Simplest possible logical analysis  & clear creative charts to explain a situation wherever possible (don’t try to blind with science)
  • However where it IS necessary, we deploy various statistical techniques - multiple regression analyses, factor & cluster analysis, conjoint…
  • Build Excel models to make results easy to use (range from simple to complex VBA models)

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